The Comeback of Unisex Fragrances

Unisex fragrances have always existed, but there’s no doubt that the market is largely split into feminine and masculine scents. Feminine scents, like the classics Chanel No. 5 and Dior J’Adore, are typically light and floral. Masculine scents, like Terre d’Hermes and Thierry Mugler Homme, on the other hand, are woodsy, deeper, and longer lasting. 

But, was it really always like this? The short answer, according to perfumer Sue Phillips of The Scentarium, is She explains, “the trend towards different fragrances for men and women started in the US in the early ‘70s. In the ‘60s, the flower children wore musky and patchouli oils in an effort to “commune” with nature, but once the ‘70s rolled around, men wanted to smell ‘like men.’ This brought about the rise of bracing, refreshing, sporty scents. Around the same time, a trend towards woodsy, amber, and mossy fragrances for men had started in Cologne, Germany, and with it, the birth of the term “cologne.” Interestingly enough, this took particular hold in the US, while European men remained comfortable wearing a range of fragrances, including florals.” 

“Thankfully, the trends are changing now and more and more men are not really asking for cologne anymore. They actually use the word ‘perfume’,” explains Phillips.

Now, those trends are changing and we’re seeing more and more men, particularly millennials, wearing formulations that are light and floral. And the reverse has proven true, too, as women want to wear deeper, woodsy fragrances that have traditionally been viewed as men’s fragrances. 

Unisex Fragrances Created by Sue Philips

Scenterprises Ozonic Blend

This scent blends the refreshing breeziness of the ocean and the crisp mountain air with notes of mandarin, bergamot, and geranium. 

Scenterprises Tonic Sports 

The sportiness and exuberance emanating from the notes of bergamot, galbanum, juniper, geranium, lemon, coriander, and lavender will have you feeling invigorated from the moment you put it on.

Additional Unisex Fragrances

Calvin Klein CK2 Eau de Toilette Spray

In 1994, Calvin Klein rocked the world with CK One, the first unisex fragrance. Released in 2016, CK2, an urban, woody, fresh scent, is the unisex fragrance for millennial generation.

Replica Jazz Club Eau de Toilette

Jazz Club has a little something for everyone. It’s a smooth leathery fragrance that manages to also be sweet, powdery, and spicy. 

Jo Malone London Mimosa & Cardamom Cologne Spray

Simple, yet striking, this fragrance starts out sweet, and then dries down to deliver a warm spiciness. 

Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Eau De Parfum Spray

White floral notes of neroli and orange blossom blend citrus notes of lemon and bergamot to deliver a sophisticated, smooth fragrance.

Acqua di Parma Colonia Eau De Cologne Spray

The simple elegance of Acqua di Parma comes from its luxurious, yet understated composition: lavender, rosemary, Sicilian citrus, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, amber, and light musk.

No. 4711 By Muelhens For Men. Eau De Cologne Splash

4711 is a unisex classic and has been in production since 1792. It’s inexpensive and refreshing, so there’s really no justification for not trying it. 

Tam Dao Eau de Toilette

This floral woody fragrance combines notes of rose, myrtle, Italian cypress, sandalwood, cedar, spices, amber, white musk, and Brazilian rosewood.

Creed Royal Oud Unisex Millesime Spray

Creed used the elements of a royal Persian palace – wood, leather, marble, and gold – as the inspiration for this woody, musky, powdery fragrance.

Bond No. 9 Hamptons For Men And Women Eau De Parfum Spray

As the name suggests, Hamptons calls to mind the freshness and calmness of a sea breeze with a light citrus, floral fragrance.

Oribe Cote d’Azur Eau de Parfum

Cote d’Azur blends citrus, woody, and floral notes for a tantalizing scent that’s guaranteed to intrigue anyone in its path.