Frequent Flyers, What’s in Your Travel Toiletry Bag?

Travel can be a gateway to adventure and eye-opening possibilities, but it can also involve a lot of rushing to wait, bad air-conditioning, unhealthy eating options, and sleep deprivation. Despite all the undeniable benefits of travels, do it often enough and it can take a toll on your body and especially your skin. A little extra care during and after your flights goes a long way to make you feel more comfortable and arrive looking alert (or at least less exhausted). This month has made me feel like I'm living in airports so I was curious how I could upgrade my travel toiletry kit.

I asked Dr Sonam Yadav, MD of Juverne for his top tips for guys constantly on the go, “I suggest that my patients do the following to beat the stress of frequent travel and erratic hours and keep looking their best:

1. Wear sunscreen on the plane too.
Not only is the sun stronger and more direct at higher altitude but the indoor lightning can cause faster aging too. Extra points for layering an antioxidant vitamin C serum underneath (anti aging and fights patchy pigment). Hydrating formulae double up as moisturizer to beat the dehydration from air conditioning and pressure change.

2. Stay hydrated and go easy on the caffeine and alcohol.
Try to catch some winks on the plane to arrive fresh.” 

Next I asked other frequent flying men for their best travel products go-tos.

NFL Veteran / Entrepreneur

I am constantly traveling, running from meeting to meeting and looking for ways to freshen up on-the-go. That's why I keep a ShowerPill Body Wipe on me at all times — individually wrapped and compact, this bad boy removes dirt, sweat and body odor. It's a lifesaver for when there's no time or access to a shower. 

— Justin Forsett, 9-year NFL Veteran/ Entrepreneur
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Frequent Flyers, What’s in Your Travel Toiletry Bag?