Conquer Summer In Style: Men’s Looks for Any Occasion

By Julian Palma

We know what you’re thinking: how is it August already? To be fair, a lot has already happened this summer: the Royal Wedding, the distant threat of a nuclear war, the World Cup, and the return of the chunky sneakers. For some of us, we’d like to keep the momentum going, and to finish strong, we’ve hunted down a few of the essentials to make the rest of your summer a style breeze—since humidity won’t go away for a couple of more weeks. The good news is that you’re probably already showing some skin and flaunting some color. We are pretty sure everyone will be just ok with you turning up the heat with these four dapper looks—whether at the beach, on your way to the beach, or haning outdoors with friends.  

Here’s what to wear right now, all based on one simple rule: use plenty of basics so you can mix and match with bold prints, colorful accessories and rich textures.

1. A Sunny Day at the Beach

Basically, your 101 on beachwear: a crew neck tee under a light cotton shirt, bold swimsuits, sunglasses and a pair of sliders. Oh, and the most underrated—yet the most crucial—accessory in your beach day kit: a stylish beach towel. Throwing in some SPF and a face mist to keep you protected and hydrated.

The Bastille Shirt ($158) by Fisher + Baker; White Cotton Crew Neck T-shirt ($125) by TaniUSA; Short-length swim shorts ($79 each) by Original Penguin; Beach Throw with Stripes ($44) by Tavik; The Montauk Round Towel ($99) by The Beach People; HydraBoost Moisturizer SPF30 and HydraBoost Face Mist by M-61 skincare.

2. Sunset Grill With Family and Friends

Time to clean-up after a long day at the pool for that golden hour photo opp. Ditch your floral shirt and your white sneakers this time. Instead, play with a bolder patterned shirt over a plain tee (unbuttoned of course), cotton shorts to undertone the shirt, and chunky ”dad” sneakers for the comeback. For accessories, embrace the rule of showing off just one. Our suggestion: a fine black-leather strap to top off the look. Let’s keep the silky-cotton underwear a secret for now.

Relaxed Fit Hawaiian Shirt ($99) by Hawes & Curtis; The Journey T-Shirt ($50) by Ridge Merino; Midnight slim-fit shorts ($78) by DU/ER; Silk-cut hip briefs ($40) by TaniUSA; Men’s black strap watch ($160) by ESQ; Thunder electric sneakers ($120) by Puma.

3. Traveling from the City to the Beach

Whether a long-haul flight across the Atlantic or just a few hours on the road, you want something that’s light and comfortable, yet with plenty of style. When traveling, the trick is to layer but bonus points if that comes with a political statement, like this hand-painted Immigrant t-shirt. Pair it up with white denim, an old-school bomber jacket, sunglasses and a cap in case a nap is required.

The Immigrant T-shirt ($50) by Robert Geller; Ankle-length, slim-fit white jeans ($25) by H&M; Reversible Bomber Jacket with Print ($575) by Sandro Paris; Grey Leather Strap Watch ($139) by Timex; Baseball cap ($29) by Alpine Division.

4. Going Natural: Camping Trip


If you’re feeling rather active, and camping and climbing is your thing, here is a way to embrace the outdoor trend and yet keep you protected from all things natural. Go for base layer tights, running shorts, a base layer t-shirt and a classic wind-breaker. The key here is keeping every piece in tonal hues (in this case grey, black and white) to ensure a sleek effect. If you want to add a pop of color, leave it to the accessories.

Running shorts with liner ($75) and men’s black tights ($60) by Saxx Underwear; Full-zip white wind-breaker jacket ($98) by 2(x)ist; The Eliot backpack in Olive color ($59) by The Alpine Division; High-Performance white socks ($15) by Feetures; The Siren SS Watch in Gold and White ($100) by Nixon