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What is the Best Smelling Versace Cologne for Men?

What is the Best Smelling Versace Cologne for Men?

Gianni Versace is a luxury Italian fashion designer that is known for sexy, cutting edge designs and one of a kind style.

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Top Picks at a Glance

Versace Cologne for Men

Eau Fraiche
Best budget pick and a classic, and clean scent. A great choice for summer wear.
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Best Smelling Versace Men's Cologne

Pour Homme
Best for evening wear. An exotic and unique fragrance perfectly suited for a night out.
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Best Smelling Versace Men's Cologne

Dylan Blue
A great every day cologne for men who want a soft, clean, slightly fruity scent.
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In addition to clothing and accessories, they also make a whole line of Versace cologne for men that suit a variety of different styles and personality types.

While Versace’s clothing style is known to be bold and eye-catching — the colognes are surprisingly refined and subtle.

Just because you don’t see yourself wearing their fashion, don’t discount the fragrances.

Their price-point is also less luxury and easier on the budget with most of these Versace colognes for men aimed squarely at an affordable mid-price range.

7 Best-Smelling Versace Cologne for Men

Versace Cologne for Men


Versace Man Eau Fraiche EDT*

Eau Fraiche is a wonderful, classic, and clean scent by Versace that is a great choice for summer wear.

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It’s a flanker from the original Versace Man*, which comes in a similar presentation but is a dark purple. 

The Eau Fraiche scent is fresh and aquatic, with top notes of lemon and bergamot which bring about images of the Mediterranean.

Underlying that is a strong base of cedarwood and some spicy nuances.

What I enjoy about this cologne, is it doesn’t feel like a generic fresh aquatic but actually has some personality and depth.

The scent is versatile and good for casual or work during the summertime though because it does have low concentration, expect to reapply every few hours.

Best Smelling Versace Cologne for Men


Versace Eros EDT *

In the making for five years, this Versace cologne for men is another high-quality offering from the designer brand that is also suited for daily wear.

Ironically, while it’s named after the god of love, I tend to think of this a great cologne for work or office wear.

It is a great value for a wonderful combination of scents.

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It is a bright, fruity, and crisp scent that combines various notes such as apple, lemon, mint, oak, cedar, vanilla and more.

This is a clean, fresh scent that is not too overpowering and would work well in an office environment. See my full review of Eros here.

Best Smelling Versace Men's Cologne


Versace Pour Homme EDT*

This is what is considered to be Versace’s signature scent. Introduced in 2007, this is an exotic and unique fragrance that is perfectly suited for a night out on the town or to compliment a bold personality and sense of style.

This is a great, bold cologne that will give some spice to your style.

Combining exotic notes like jasmine, Moroccan cedarwood, and azalea with musk gives a spicy, strong scent that will intoxicate the senses.

This Versace cologne for men is definitely not for wallflowers, wear it if you want some attention.

Best Smelling Versace Men's Cologne


Dreamer by Gianni Versace for Men EDT*

Let me start by saying Versace’s Dreamer* is a love/hate fragrance. It’s considered an aromatic Fougere fragrance and has a slightly powdery scent.

It was originally introduced in 1996, the last cologne created under the direction of Gianni Versace. What makes it unique is the pairing of tobacco with lavender.

What I like about this Versace cologne for men is it has a bit of personality, it doesn’t smell like a bunch of other colognes in my collection.

Plus bottle looks great with a unique sprayer incorporated into the top rather than a removable cap,

That said, I can also see why some people might not enjoy it — the lavender smells a bit synthetic and the tobacco is not the sweet, warm smelling rich tobacco that you might be used to but a more sharp, freshly harvested scent.

Plus, the opening is a bit overpowering and brash while the dry down is very sweet and pleasant.

Again, it’s a polarizing scent that’s not for everyone but if you like more experimental scents, this Versace cologne for men might be perfect.

Read my full review of Dreamer here.

Best Smelling Versace Men's Cologne


Versace Pour Homme Dylan Blue for Men Eau De Toilette Spray*

Dylan Blue* is another great everyday cologne from Versace for men who want a soft, clean, slightly fruity scent.

In a beautiful blue bottle, this is an affordable Versace cologne for men in spray form that is unique and combines fruity notes with crisp, clean floral smells and has a lot of staying power.

It’s got a lot of versatility, you can wear it for evening or day, casual or dressy. 

Plus this bottle is by far my favorite in the whole line — you can’t get much better than royal blue and gold. It’s also one that’s unique enough that not everyone has smelled it a million times before.

Because of this, it’s probably one of the most complimented and asked about Versace colognes for men in my collection.

Between that at the moderate price point, it’s a great addition to any guy’s cologne collection. Plus, if you want to give a gift that looks high-end luxury with a more mid-market price, this Versace cologne for men is a great option.

Best Smelling Versace Cologne for Men


Blue Jeans By Versus Gianni Versace For Men EDT*

You can probably already tell from the packaging that Blue Jeans* is a bit different from the other Versace men’s fragrances.

It’s distinctly casual and geared at the youth market. Teens through the early twenties are the best fit for the fragrance.

It could be used as a year-round fragrance if you apply it lightly during the summer. The projection and longevity are both good so in general, use with restraint. 

Blue Jeans starts with a heady mix of sweet woods, vetiver, and citrus which is pretty overwhelming.

As the vanilla starts to come out and balance it, the scent becomes much more pleasant.

That said, it’s not one of my favorites in the Versace line — it’s just got a bit too much going on, is very common and smells synthetic and cheap to me. 

That said, it’s been a best-seller for years so clearly a lot of people disagree with me.

If you’re looking for a nice, affordable gift for a teenager, get this Versace cologne for men, otherwise, check out some of their more mid-market fragrances. 

Best Smelling Versace Men's Cologne


Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir by Versace Eau De Parfum Spray*

Oud is one of those scents that’s been wildly popular in the middle east for years and is just now making it to Europe and the Americas.

Versace Oud Noir* one of those fragrances that don’t fly under the radar so if you’re looking for a light, wear-everywhere cologne, this is probably not for you.

If you want a warm, sexy combination of oud, leather, wood, and spices, it’s worth trying.

I’d say it’s more of an evening or fall/winter scent. If you want to go out to a party, dancing or a date where you want to make a good impression, try it out — but apply lightly. It’s some potent stuff!

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