Cheap Men's Cologne Under $50

Best Inexpensive Men’s Cologne under $50

With good quality designer colognes often running well over $100, we know it's tricky to smell good on an affordable budget. We put together this post of best smelling cheap colognes for men — this means it's a balance of quality and price. These best inexpensive men's cologne options will give you a fresh scent without hurting your wallet. 

These are bottles from well-known designers which you can still get for under $50. Inexpensive men's cologne gives you a unique scent to your new look or throwback style - matching your designer look. 

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These inexpensive cologne options for men might not be the cheapest of the cheap but you'll be getting a quality fragrance at an affordable price.

The Best Inexpensive Men's Cologne to Add to Your List

Casual Cool

BURBERRY Weekend for Men Eau de Toilette

Need something casual but sophisticated? Try Burberry Weekend. This light and invigorating fragrance has citrus top notes of fresh lemon, grapefruit and sweet tangerine. Soft heart notes of oak moss, ivy leaves and sandalwood with a radiant warmth of honey in the basenotes. 


Blake's Verdict:

“New fragrance my daughter bought me I am in love with it!”

The Boy Next Door

CALVIN KLEIN Eternity for Men Eau de Toilette

What makes a scent classic? Calvin Klein's Eternity has not only stood the test of time but continues to be one of the most popular fragrances today. The distinguished masculine scent has a refreshing and crisp note that works well with the warm and outdoorsy notes; this blend contributes to the cologne’s timelessness and makes it enduring.


Evan's Verdict:

“I have used Eternity for 8 years. A small bottle lasts a good two years. Two light sprays and it will last more than a day. Good value!”

Romantic Night Out

FERRAGAMO F by Ferragamo Eau de Toilette


Want to go out for a night on the town? F by Ferragamo Black will finish your look. The fragrance is undoubtedly masculine and is advertised for evening wear for a reason. The dynamic scent comes with a complex and intriguing fragrance that makes it the perfect complement to a suit and tie. Also a long-wearing cologne, esp for a cheapie.


Evan's Verdict:

“Really good fragrance at an affordable price. I have more expensive designer mens colognes and parfums but this one is a rare find.”


NAUTICA Nautica Blue Eau De Toilette

If you are new to colognes or just likes a more subtle touch, Nautica Blue is a perfect choice. Sometimes the best smell is a clean smell. Nautica Blue’s scent is one of rain on a summer day or freshly washed laundry — in short, it was one of cleanliness and refreshment. This is a good gift for someone who is unpretentious and has only one type of cologne for all occasions.


Blake's Verdict:

“This settles into a light, fresh, crisp smell that won't offend anyone. Perfect for the office or at work.”

Uomo Moschino by MOSCHINO FOR MEN

Description: Spicy Daily Wear

If you want to spice it up a little but still keep it subtle, this is a great choice — and a great deal. The fragrance is wonderfully spicy with a hint of fruit and sandalwood. This scent is perfect for ordinary occasions and will make the wearer smell wonderful in a subtle way. 


Evan's Verdict

“Smells decent for the price, nice break from the crisp, clean smells. My main complaint is it seems to fade quickly.”

JACK BLACK All-Over Body Eau de Toilette

Description: Minty and Refreshing

Looking for a refreshing, lightweight spray that can make you feel like you're in a spa all day? This is an all natural scent that uses citrus, fresh mint and rosemary to create something that will have the wearer smelling fresh. Perfect for the man who values quality and tradition.


Blake's Verdict:

“ If you love mint lover, this stuff is for you! High quality, just one or two squirts lasts all day.”

CRABTREE & EVELYN West Indian Lime

Description: Tropical Breeze

Few things are better than the tropics — the sights, the sounds, the smells. So what could be better than smelling like a tropical breeze? Fresh citrus and rich spices are blended together to unleash the tropical breeze of the West Indies. The spray bottle is designed to deliver a steady mist of spray. This gift lets the wearer smell like a holiday in the tropics and is sure to lift many moods.


Evan's Verdict

“Not overpowering but more of a natural scent. I have gotten tons of compliments wearing this. Highly recommend.”

ENGLISH LAUNDRY Arrogant Eau de Toilette

Description: Tropical Breeze

The perfect scent for a gentleman who travels a lot. This travel-size gives you a sophisticated scent at a lower price. This premier fragrance is the epitome of luxurious scents. It is refined, polished and classic, a magical blend that uses bergamot and cedarwood. Perfectly transitions from the office to evening.


Blake's Verdict

“I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I do. Like that it's unisex and has a different twist.”

PHILOSOPHY FOR MEN Amen Men's Spray Cologne

Description: Fresh Confidence

Simplicity will always be in style. Amen Men’s Spray is an answer to many prayers. It comes with a fresh, spicy citrus blend designed to make the wearer feel clean and confident, while in no means masking his essential masculinity.


Blake's Verdict:

“Wife loves and so do I. Clean and fresh but is unmistakably a men's smell. Great price for the size.”

This list of some of the best inexpensive men's cologne under $50 should get you started on a budget. Still uncertain which scent will work for you? You can also try cologne samples from Scent Split's decanting service. This  means you know for sure that you like a cologne before you purchase a whole bottle.

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