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TroyBoi on Style, Fitness and Touring

It seems like Baauer’s “Harlem Shake,” which brought attention to EDM’s version of trap music, came out eons ago. EDM’s rapid pace makes once-fresh sounds irrelevant in roughly a year’s time, so producers have to reinvent. While trap, purely within the dance music sphere, has taken a backseat to future bass […]


How to Wear Men’s Silk Shirts in Style

No, we’re not headed off to a disco (or that ‘70s-themed party). Rather, the silk shirt made a dashing, if not appropriately flamboyant entrance last year. And, instead of becoming one of those here-for-a-minute trends, it’s everywhere: On camp collar shirts (essentially, an off-shoot of that pajama shirt trend), on […]


How to Wear Checkerboard Prints: Guide for Men

Checks or plaid? Now, you’ve got a third option: Checkerboard. Often associated with Vans’ footwear and skate style, checkerboard prints add a starter level of color-blocking to a traditionally angular and modest print. Yet, starting close to a year ago, runway collections and even casual menswear displayed one clear shift: […]


Royal Blue vs Navy Blue: How to Wear Blue

Patterns and colors change with the season, hems lengthen or shorten, and silhouettes widen or go thinner, but throughout every trend, there’s always one notion with some degree of truth: Whether it’s royal or navy, you can’t ever go wrong with blue. Light blue button-down on the job? Whether it’s with […]


How to Wear Plaids: A Guide For Men

Think of a heritage piece, and what do you picture? More often than not, it’s a bit understated, perhaps somewhat sturdy, and exemplifying classic style. Maybe it materializes as a cozy wool sweater or as a tweed jacket or, more recently, as something as American but ordinary as Levi’s. It’s a […]


How to Wear Mustard Yellow Menswear

Every guy has his excuse for why he doesn’t wear yellow: “It’s too bright,” “It draws too much attention,” or “It doesn’t flatter my skin tone.” Most times, “yellow” as a collective shade brings up the color of an egg’s yoke, highlighters, or images of the sun. In all cases, […]


How to Wear Rave-Influenced Menswear

Depending upon your age, “rave fashion” means a few different things. Younger Millennials and Gen Z associate it with festival style: neon tanks, digital prints, and face masks, with barely there clothing for both sexes. Older Millennials, by contrast, recall the warehouse parties fueled by trance music, electronica, and Kandi […]


5 Essential Pieces of Men’s Jewelry

by Ivan YaskeyMen’s jewelry’s essentially a style conundrum. In terms of flashiness and opulence, it’s not even close to women’s, but even when minimal, it’s rarely essential – save for a few pieces. On the other hand, beyond ties and pocket squares, items like bracelets and watches give your ensemble […]


What’s a Safari Jacket and How Do Men Wear One?

Menswear’s no stranger to military-influenced fashion, both with current trends – olive green, camouflage, and utility jackets – and more timeless pieces, like flight jackets, trench coats, and aviator sunglasses. So, considering these origins, the safari jacket’s return as a more urbane, gentlemanly staple appears like an inevitable, if not […]


How Denim Got Revived in 2018

By: Ivan Yaskey For years, you had two choices: jeans for casual days, and khakis for the office. Your closet would have a suit for those special occasions, and for when you’d be extra lazy, and strictly at home, sweatpants would do. But, menswear’s growth in sales coincided with an explosion of […]


Is Dad Fashion Here to Stay?

By Ivan Yaskey It’s the most awkward fashion trend out there – and that’s totally intentional. “Dad” fashion emerged just a few years ago, with models sporting higher-waist, stonewashed jeans on the runway – a style seen at the time on then-President Barack Obama and, two decades ago, on plenty of […]

Vans Old Skool 2

The Top Men’s Skate Inspired Shoes You Have to Own

Ivan Yaskey Since 2017, we’ve expected our casual footwear to do something beyond just looking good. Your lace-up boots need to be waterproof, and your sneakers breathable and supportive. For the gym, athletic models take this to extreme: Ultra-lightweight, moisture-wicking, and stability features all come together in the name of performance. This […]


The History of the Cuban Collar Shirt

By Ivan Yaskey  Call it a convenient slice of Americana. Or, sport one to attempt the relaxed-but-structured, wider-cut trend that’s been gradually overtaking menswear since 2016. Through either lens, the Cuban collar shirt – also referred to as a camp, cabana, or revere collar shirt – has transformed from strictly retro […]