Absolute Best Beard Oils as Reviewed by Real Guys

Growing a beard might seem like an easy, natural process but don't forget about maintaining it. Without proper hydration, a beard can quickly become scruffy and unkempt, not to mention itchy. This is where beard oil comes it. Not only does it moisturize your beard hair, leaving it softer and smoother, it also hydrates the skin underneath, getting rid of itchiness and flakes.

How to Use Beard Oil

The good news is it's easy to integrate into your grooming routine. You just need to rub the beard oil between your hands, then massage it throughout your beard. If you have longer beard, use a comb to make sure you get through the layers and get all the beard hair coated in oil.

We asked regular guys to weigh in on their favorite beard oils to keep things smooth and hydrated.

Best Pre-made Beard Oils

My favorite is Jack Black's Beard Oil. It uses 100% essential oils which leaves my beard soft and moisturizes the skin underneath. The scent is light but fresh and clean, making it easy on the nose too. 

—Carmine Mastropierro, President, Pierro Shoes | Instagram | Facebook

My favorite beard oil is Port Products Conditioning Beard Absolute. I like it because it moisturizes well, but doesn't leave me with the dreaded shiny beard. It has a light smell and helps my beard not get poofy like a poodle. 

—​Eric Anthony, Managing Editor at HoustonOnTheCheap.com

The product that keeps my beard soft, manageable, and looking good is ​Stubble + Stache Beard Moisturizer. It's light, non-greasy, and - most importantly — doesn't leave annoying splotches on my cell phone screen! 

—​​Rafe Gomez, VC Inc. Marketing and host/DJ/producer of Rockmixx

I use Fuel Around by BedHead TIGI to nourish and reduce dryness on my skin. It's a product I recommend to any of my male Supercuts guests with beards because it conditions the facial hair while keeping it moisturized and feeling soft! I apply a small amount in my hands and massage it throughout my beard and then comb it to my desired look.

—Chris Morales, Stylist, Supercuts

Bold undertones and lingering mellow scents keep me feeling in the zone throughout my work days. All other beard oils have been placed on permanent shelf leave, for desperate times only. Otter Grooming Co.'s Citramint has become my cherished daily driver - the go to oil that I couldn't live without.

—Rhett Butler, Instagram,  rhettbutler.co

I'm writing to nominate Minnesota Wood Bead Oil, by Dirty Knees Soap Company. The oil has a nice consistency to it which makes the application significantly less messy than with other brands. It keeps my beard from turning the corner from looking dapper to homeless throughout the day and the scent is just enough to satisfy my nose, while not assaulting those I walk by. 

— Andrew Bourne

Best DIY Beard Oils

I make my own beard oil. It's super easy to make, I just blend specific proportions of tea tree oil, coconut oil, cacao, bee's wax, rose water, and vitamin E.

— Will Benedetto, Cocktail Curator for In Good Company Hospitality | Instagram

The only beard oil I've ever used is this tea tree oil. It made a considerable difference in terms of softness and it was truly the
only scented facial hair product I've enjoyed. 

— Bryn Gelbart, Fueled 

I’ve used a bunch of different beard oils, but my favorite is actually coconut oil. It smells great, keeps my beard conditioned, and is inexpensive.

A couple of quick tips for using coconut oil as your beard oil: 

• Coconut oil melts at 76 degrees Fahrenheit, so sometimes it’s solid and other times it’s liquid (depending on your climate). When it’s solid, just rub the coconut oil in your hands before putting it into your beard. When it’s liquid, be careful with spills. I’ve had some doozies.

• It’s not always easy to get the coconut oil out of its container, since it’s often sold for cooking purposes. I’d suggest melting your beard oil in your microwave and transferring it to Tupperware. 

— Sam Schultz, Co-Founder of Honeyfi

So whether you want a luxury beard oil or prefer something homemade, there's no excuse not to take care of your nourishing your beard.