You’re not a kid any more.

You’re getting serious about your work, your relationships and most importantly yourself. You're ready for the world to take you seriously and have the confidence that comes from presenting yourself in the best possible way. 

We set out with a combination of foolhardiness and passion to make Dapper Confidential the go-to source for modern men's grooming. 

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As seen on...

Chuck Baldwin

Contributor. Chuck is our resident beard grooming expert based in Redondo Beach, keeps things untangled, soothed and smooth. 

Mark Grassick

Contributor. Mark joins us with over 17 years' experience as a journalist covering pop culture. Currently he's a bearded, 30-something-year old husband and father residing in London.

Jaclyn LaBadia

Writer and content curator. Passion for all things style related, previous experience includes Schwarzkopf, Teal Magazine and Paul Mitchell. 

Kasey Spickard

Contributor. Kasey is a makeup artist based in NYC, working with brands like L’Oreal and Revlon. He enjoys skin care, hair and great interviews.

Evan Weiss

Co-founder. It started with a love of niche fragrances and expanded into high-quality grooming. His vision is  to create a modern men's magazine that is open and non-judgmental, championing good grooming as a route to confidence and self-expression.

Larissa Pickens

Co-founder. After years working in the beauty industry on the brand-side with her creative agency, Larissa is intrigued by the burgeoning men's market and need for an authoritative source for men's grooming. 

Shelly Smith

Assistant. Previously of Clinique, she helps keep the wheels greased, deadlines on schedule and the site up-to-date.